A Touch of Simplicity.jpeg

Before I create a painting, deliberations between my consciousness and the universe begin to arise. In other words, no idea is ever forced out of me under the guise of “painter’s block.” If worded, the conversation would go something like this, “I’m open now. Please show me the way.” I am then answered with an image…a woman bounding towards the viewer on a stallion with an exasperating sense of freedom in her body language or that of Mother Nature’s ballgown camouflaged as ominous storm clouds. More than likely, each painting is reflective of some emotional aspect of my life.


I’ve been inspired by the colors of Fauvism used by Matisse or as late as Peter Max, the pointillism of Paul Signac, and the surrealism of Frida Kahlo. The patterns and designs of Mexico, South America, Africa, and Japan have and still are a heavy influence in my work. All my paintings develop through a solid control of my paintbrush and mix of acrylic hues. I focus on bursts of color with concentration on shapes and lines, rendering a smooth, flat finish to the final painting.


Elements of Christian and Byzantine styles influenced my earlier paintings in which I dubbed Byzantine Pop. And now my work has evolved into Magical Realism where I invite the viewer into a symbolic world filled with charm, fascination, and mischievousness. One can’t help but to engage in their “universal speak” and wonder what’s going on in them.